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Wedding photography

No two weddings are the same, but after more than 280 captured weddings, I still take out my camera to take the best photo of my life today.

Engagement photography

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Stefi and Gregő

Creative photography-191.jpg

Bea and Peti


Zizi and Pityu

Creative photography-232.jpg

Brigi and Gábor

Creative photography-19.jpg

Juliska and Danika


Rhysyssa and Norbi

rhayssa norbi-12.jpg

Nelly and Csabi

nelli csabi-20.jpg

Vera and Viktor

Creative photography-135.jpg

Judit and Zoli

Creative photography-147.jpg

Liliana and Iván

Creative photography-99.jpg
Kitty and Attila
Church ceremony-106.JPG

Rebeka and Gábor

rebeka gabor-17.jpg
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